Shiftah website

The Problem

Shiftah identified a gap in the Saudi Arabian market for mobile outdoor advertising. The start-up brand built a mobile application and online platform that would provide effective outdoor advertisement solutions for brands, by matching them with vehicle owners who would display advertisements on their cars. Amplify were approached by Shiftah to assist them in the design and development of their website, that would allow brands and drivers to find out more information and sign up for the initiative.

Our Solution

Amplify carried out market, industry, brand and competitor research to design a website that would clearly explain the brands’ value proposition. The user journey was designed using a why, how and what system. The website was divided into the two markets it served – the driver and the advertiser. GIFs were used to keep the customer attention and set it apart from the competition. We even embedded an infographic into the site to explain the value proposition.

The Result

The new site has become a central hub of information for Shiftah. The site provides users with information about the services available and the next steps to take in order to partner with the brand. The site has generated advertisement leads and encouraged drivers to sign up to have their cars wrapped and earn money.

Happy Client

250 Driver Website Sign Ups in Month One

8 Major Brand Conversions in Month One

1,000 Organic Website Visitors Per Month



The design of the website completely exceeded our expectations. We have loved working with the Amplify team!

Yazan Ghanem – Manager

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