Guinness Interactive Game

The Problem

Guinness make exceptional beer and is enjoyed all over the world every day, they continue to experiment and innovate, in a true pioneering style. Guinness challenged Amplify to produce a rugby-themed interactive game to promote and generate awareness across Dubai of their sponsorship of the Six Nations.

Our Solution

Amplify created, built and installed a rugby style interactive game where users had to kick a rugby penalty. The game was installed for the duration of the Six Nations tournament in leading sports bars across Dubai. The game helped to drive Guinness sales offline as in order to compete, the use had to buy a pint of Guinness and register. Once registered the users kicking motion was captured allowing them to virtually kick a rugby ball. If the user kicked and scored three penalties in a row, they would win a pint of Guinness and get the chance to go to the final of the Six Nations tournament.

The Result

Amplify drop kicked and scored when it came to fulfilling Guinness’s expectations. The interactive game and event was a huge success with 1000’s of unique database captures across the Six Nations tournament. The interactive game helped to retain customers and engage with fans in a fun and competitive way. Using such a fun and interactive game in sports bars across the region created a massive buzz and atmosphere, helping to increase awareness of Guinness sponsoring the Six Nations

Happy Client

1000’s of Unique Database Captures

Increased Sales of Guinness 

Increased Awareness of Guinness and the sponsorship



Amplify created a really fun and interactive rugby game to help us promote awareness of our sponsorship of the Six Nations. We were thrilled with the results!

Brand Manager – Dubai

Amplify can build interactive games that can generate your brand sales, whilst having fun!

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