The Problem

DUO is a plant machinery and equipment powerhouse, based in the United Kingdom and Ghana. Over recent years, the business has experienced rapid growth and wanted to undertake an internal digital signage transformation for internal communications.

Our Solution

Amplify used the Appspace 7 digital signage platform to visually organise its intranet, sales materials, and reports. This allowed internal employees to access vital company data on company branded Apple TV interface. We created custom branded HTML cards to allow management to access the live digital sales boards on any touch interface or laptop screen, permitting for direct access to live data. In the customer call center, 55” TV’s display data that has been pulled directly from an authenticated Google Sheet.

Amplify implemented three channels of content. A marketing channel, company news, and a sales channel. The channels are interactive for mobile, touch screen or passive screens. This allows information to be displayed in relevant zones where the screens are located.

The Result

The implementation of the internal digital signage has meant that managers can instantly publish live data and announcements live without the need to employ a designer or agency, allowing DUO to reduce costs. The overall employee engagement has increased, in addition to motivation as they feel that they are being kept informed and are part of a team.

Happy Client

Improved Internal Communications

Motivated Employees

Increased Engagement



Amplify completely understood our brand and what we were all about. The internal digital signage system they designed and created for DUO was just what we were looking for and has really helped our internal communications. We look forward to working with them in the future.


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