Multitouch Interactive Displays

At Amplify we believe in engagement and there is no better way to engage than by using the senses like touch or gesture. Interactive touch provides immediate and intuitive interfaces for users, simplifying their interactions and transactions. It removes the need for users to know how to use technology, as they simply have to touch to make selections – making it a great solution to engage with customers regardless of their age or ability. Add on necessities such as keyboards are not required, saving space and complexity.

Amplify’s multitouch interactive displays, whether it be walls, floors, screens, kiosks, tablets etc., are great for public and corporate environments. They go beyond the traditional single touch functions, our multitouch interactive displays enable multiple users to manipulate content and collaborate through gestures utilising up to 40 touch points. The interaction with the screen, whether drawing, navigating, organising or gaming, is fluid and responsive.

Amplify can create and develop custom interactive presentations and content which can then be deployed and managed through our digital experiences platform. Our software can be integrated and customised from our range of small to large format multitouch interactive display hardware and solutions.

Get in touch with Amplify today to allow your brand to offer engaging multitouch interactive displays.


We love teaming up with clients of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to multinationals.


Provide your audience with rich in multimedia content in an interactive, smart touch learning experience

Experiential Showrooms

Showcase a company’s products and services with custom data, content and presentations

Real-time Collaboration

Provide employees and clients with the ability to interact with multiple applications and content simultaneously


Stand out and bring an interactive learning experience to life with brilliant design in the most engaging way

In-Store Digital Signage

Improve your customer’s experience and provide them to make more informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to compare, and contrast different products in-store

Digital Experience Exhibits

Leave a lasting impression on exhibition visitors by providing a platform for digital exhibits through our collaboration catalogue applications allows comparison, and sharing of digital assets

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