In recent years, gamification has become popular amongst our clients to encourage engagement, loyalty, and memorable interactive brand experiences. Gamification can be effective across many disciplines and industries: from online shopping to event activation. Amplify believe that gamification is the most effective when simple behavioural motivators like competition and reward are offered. This helps encourage users natural desire to socialise, learning, mastery, competition and achievement, status or even self-expression.

Using our powerful software platform and built-in best practices, brands can attract and retain individuals’ attention. This is achieved by inviting them to rewarding experiences, that combine fun mechanics with incentives to gain initial engagement and motivate ongoing and highly valuable two-way conversations.

It is vital to understand a brands target audience to appreciate their motivation for playing, playing style, measurements of success, reward preference, social interaction level while playing, and causes of not succeeding in the game. Dependent on a brands target audience, Amplify can generate a story-board, plan, design, implementation, and promotion that can be incorporated as a fun, yet a strategic component of the marketing mix.

Gamification is a great solution to drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty, so get in touch with Amplify today!


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Add variation, increase motivation to engage and encourage memorable learning


Stand out from the crowd and get your visitors remembering your event presence


Train, reinforce, and assess employees in a fun and measurable way

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Engage online audiences by combing social media platforms with fun gamification strategies

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