3D Wayfinding

Improve your clients, customers or visitors experience with your brand by ensuring that they are able to navigate around a build environment efficiently. Amplify are experts in planning, designing and implementing effective 3D wayfinding solutions.

As built environments have increased over the last few decades, 3D wayfinding has developed into a strategic service, which has important implications for urban environments. In today’s busy society, 3D wayfinding is crucial to avoid chaos and confusion. The 3D wayfinding solutions Amplify create, work navigationally, first and foremost, but also look aesthetically pleasing to add value. This can lead to increased footfall, brand impact or emotional resonance.

Using intelligent RFID technology the user is registered upon arrival and provided with a badge containing RFID. The first destination point, public facility, amenity or library asset, can either be searched on a touch panel or encoded upon request by the Welcome Desk. As the user is approaching another 3D wayfinding kiosk, the system will automatically detect and associate the user ID with the previously intended destination. Following the association, the system will know the exact position of the user and guide them to their final destination.

In addition to this, Amplify can provide your brand with intuitive and helpful search experiences, intelligent destination recommendations based on the users’ profile, popular searches, facial recognition, updated routes and searches.

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