Social Reporting

Social media is a great tool that provides brands with the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects. It is important for organisations to understand that simply having a presence on social media does not guarantee success. Amplify can not only develop a social media strategy for your brand that advises the best platforms, content and audiences but also provide social reporting. Reporting is essential to test and track results, enabling the identification of the most effective strategies to achieve KPI’s and objectives.

Amplify can analyse engagement across all your social channels with metrics like clicks, comments and shares. We use this data to understand which channels perform best for your brand or pinpoint areas of improvement. We can ensure that your brand is not only increasing its following but also attracting the right followers. Producing key insights into their locations, gender, language and age. Our reporting can track engagement over time to show social influence progression via comments, likes, shares and impressions.

Tracking your social media data is essential for helping your brand get better results from your social media campaigns. Failing to engage with social reporting may result in time-wasting or missing campaign opportunities. Social reporting could be the difference between success and failure in obtaining the results you want, so get in touch with Amplify today!


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Audience Size

Monitor what impacts audience growth and competitors audience

Reach & Engagement

Determine content reaches and how they engage with it


Measure the impact of the traffic driven by different content in response to calls to action

Content Analysis

Understand what content work best for your audience

Competitor Benchmarking

Run competitor comparison analysis to understand engagement

Audience Profile

Ensure that the growing audience is the right audience

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