Social Listening

If your brand is only paying attention to its notifications then the chances are you are missing a large number of people that are talking about your brand, its products or services. Amplify use social listening to track conversations around specific topics, keywords, phrases, brands or industries, and leveraging the insights to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.

By using social listening, Amplify are able to devise a social media strategy that is based on the analysis of close monitoring of every social mention and interaction. We can track your brands’ overall health, generate content that your audience engages with and improve customer experiences. Strategic data will provide ideas for future marketing campaigns and help business decisions.

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Emerging Conversations & Trends

Discover the conversations that are happening about, and around your brand

Identify influencers

Identify who is talking about your brand and your industry to reach new audiences

Content that Resonates

Listening to prospects and customers in an arena where they speak freely – be it social media, websites, blogs, forums etc – unique insights will arise into what matters to them

Social Selling & Generate Leads

Generate leads by contacting those who are talking about your brand or who are frustrated with competitors

Customer Care

Provide real help and advice rather than sales messages or apologies, use data to track impact on brand sentiment

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