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Amplify has over 25 years of marketing experience from all corners of the globe. Our team is a fusion of strategists, communicators, designers, web developers and marketers, who are all experts in their field and passionate about creativity, always thinking outside of the box. 


Amplify was established in Dubai, UAE – the playground of the Middle East and home to futuristic, ambitious and creative marketing. We know what it takes to generate memorable 360˚ brand experiences, build customer loyalty and subsequently increase brand equity – as standing out from the crowd is crafted into our DNA.


In 2017 Amplify expanded it’s reach and launched a new office in Europe. We are eager to infuse our innovative marketing services into your brand, to ensure you eclipse your competitors!


Amplify is a strategy-driven, customer-focused and design-led marketing agency, committed to developing creative transformations, tangible results and return on investments for our clients. Our unique combination of skills, knowledge, and expertise, achieved by working with the world’s biggest brands, has allowed us to uncover the marketing services that businesses really want and need from a marketing agency.


For some we’re their content creators, for others we’re strategic consultants and to many we’re the agency planning, designing and executing their entire marketing function. Amplify can offer you the whole journey – from outlining the strategy, producing the content and distributing it to your audience. So, we can take you to the moon or bring you the entire universe – whatever takes your fancy! 


Take a wander through our website. Browse some of our projects. You’ll see that Amplify have worked with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, from top global brands including Google, Microsoft, and Intel, to local businesses and startup companies. Whatever your need, Amplify will generate a bespoke solution to satisfy your business problem, provide you with return on investment and exceed your expectations – all at a competitive rate.

Our Clients

” We are a focused creative team united by our passion for design and power of a simple story well told. We believe in simplicity. Ensuring we are always on brief, budget and deadline from the start through to completion. We are marketing specialists. Our determination to be smart, resourceful and committed has led us to produce effective creative solutions for some of the biggest brands. “



– Steve Kilby

What we have done for our Clients?

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